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The Changes in Company Uniform

There has been a drastic change in company uniform over the last 10 years, this change sped up in 2020 when Covid struck.  Office staff in particular noticed a significant change, as many of them spent some, or all of their time working from home.  There was no need to dress smart for the office and as long as your top half was acceptable for meetings, you could get away with joggers or even pyjamas on your bottom half.   

As we know, many people continued to work full or part time from home after the lock down lifted, and so this became the new normal. 

Going Into Work

Woman with long hair wearing a polo shirt in navy as company uniform
Casual Company Uniform

For those who continued to go into work, company uniform has also become more casual.   This is due to trends in fashion, comfort for workers and the cost of supplying uniform, especially as there is a much higher turnover in staff in many businesses in recent years.

Over the last few years, we have seen a change from dress shirts to polo shirts. Blazers to soft shells or hoodies. Suit trousers to chinos or jeans.  Ties and scarfs have almost disappeared, and many hospitality businesses are just supplying aprons as uniform, which is worn over the staff’s normal clothing.

Making Your Clothing Look Like Company Uniform

Because uniform has become so much more casual, businesses often choose to have it branded so it can be distinguished from non-work clothing.  This is a simple and cost effective way to provide a company uniform.

Company Uniform of the Future

As time moves forward we predict that uniform will continue to move towards a more casual look and practicality and comfort will be key. It may become more like merchandise and be used as a form of marketing through fashion trends.

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Thermal Work Jacket

Rising costs of heating

Over the last few years heating and keep warm has been repeatedly in the headlines and on the news as people struggle to afford heating their homes and workplaces. Many of those people have been looking for alternative ways to keep warm, such as buying thermal underwear, insulating their homes with loft insulation, new windows and turning down the flow temperature on their boilers.

Workplace solutions

Energy costs have also had a huge effect on businesses, and this has led to an increase in costs for their customers. Many companies have been looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and therefore costs.  From changing equipment which uses much less energy, for example moving from standard or energy saving lightbulbs to LEDs, converting to electric vehicles, or reducing operating hours.

Turning down the temperature

One of the solutions our customers have been look at is providing warmer workwear for staff so that they can turn the heating down. This can be a range of items such as fleeces, hoodies, sweatshirts, gilets, or maybe a thermal work jacket. They often add their branding to these items as a print or embroidery.

Thermal Explained

Thermal clothing is designed to keep the warmth of your body in, removing any moisture such as sweat, whilst keeping the cold out.  Good thermal clothing should be lightweight, comfortable to wear and should have the capability to insulate and regulate the temperature of the body.

Thermal Work Jacket

Solutions for your workplace

If you are looking to source warm workwear and thermal work jackets, we have a large range to choose from, click here.  We can select items that we think will be most suitable for your organisation and provide samples for you to try.  If you would like help with this, please contact us here or call on 01908 290482

Heated Work Jackets

With the current high energy prices, many companies are looking for ways to reduce costs in this area.  Providing warm workwear for your staff uniform and slightly lowering the heating in the workplace can make huge savings.

Heat the person rather than the whole room

One of the newest innovations in textiles is the ability to combined heating units within the fabric and items such as heated blankets have been very popular especially with the elderly as they heat the person rather than the whole room.

Warm workwear for outside and large spaces

In the uniform sector we are able to offer heated work jackets and gilets which are particularly suitable for people working outside or in large spaces which are difficult and expensive to heat. The garments contain heat panels which are heated up by battery packs held in a pocket on the garment.

heated work jacket
Heated Work Jacket

The great benefit of this type of heat is that it’s placed right where it’s needed next to the body and there is minimum heat waste, compared to heating a whole room or building.

Warm workwear for extra layering

If heated work jackets and gilets are not the right option for you we also have a large range of warm workwear for extra layering, which we can supply to businesses, these items can be branded with print or embroidery to add your logo or contact details.

If you would like more information on heated work jackets or warm workwear you can find the product information here and here or contact us here

Work Wear Uniform Trends

For a long time hospitality wear has remained very stagnant, traditional black trousers and skirts, white shirts and blouses were the simple, go to outfit.

I remember as a student I worked as a waitress casually for a catering company and also in a cafe and restaurant, for each job it was a staple items in my wardrobe.  For employers it was an easy uniform option, something that staff would already have or could easily get.

In the last few years at Impact Trading and Cotton Roots we have a noticed a big change, both in office wear and hospitality uniform. Office wear has started to move away from suits and ties to smart trouser and open collar shirts.  Dress down Friday is becoming common place in many offices and branding and web agencies actively encourage relaxed and individual clothing in order to create an inspirational environment.

Hoteliers and restaurateurs have also started to realise that uniform plays a significant part in the overall branding and is an important part of the experience for customers. 

Bespoke Denim Apron with Faux Suede Cross Back Straps

At the moment we are noticing a huge trend towards an industrial feel in restaurants and hotels. Lots of hard surfaces in different textures such at concrete, wood and metal.  The uniforms reflect the industrial revolution era with braces, flat caps, waistcoats which then have a modern twist of jeans and chinos to go with them.

Hard wearing fabrics such as canvas, denim and leather feature heavily within this look.

This break away from the conservative traditions of black and white means that staff uniforms and venues can really stand out from the crowd and provide customers with a completely immersive experience.

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