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Promotional T-Shirts

Promotional t-shirts are often an inexpensive t shirt printed with a logo or slogan. They are normally used in promotions, campaigns and giveaways where they are only going to be required for a limited amount of time.

When are promotional t shirts used?

  • Campaigns such as elections, protest marches.
  • Fundraising, to be sold, given out for people to wear when fundraising
  • Promotional events, exhibitions, pop ups in retail outlets


Promotional clothing is a great way to get a look of solidarity, to show that you all believe in the same cause or idea. This is often represented in sport when fans wear their team’s colours. People who are campaigning for something such as a change in the law or policy.


Again the matched clothing gives an idea of all being in it together, if you are doing a sponsored activity it gives you a team appearance and also promotes the cause to onlookers. Often large charities will give out a fundraising pack to people who sign up to a sponsored activity.

Promotional events

This is all about brand awareness, getting your colours and logos out there to the buyers.  Giving out free clothing means that your brand is being promoted by your customers and may even create a feeling of fear of missing out. A great example of brands with a recognisable colour and logo are Coke or Cadburys.

Garment Decoration

Promotional t-shirts are normally screen printed, this is a cost effective way to print a huge quantity quickly.

If you are looking for a supply of promotional t-shirts you can contact us for a quote, we will just need an image of your artwork, the quantity you are looking to order and a Pantone code or colour you would like for your t-shirts.