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Pantone Matching Promotional Clothing

Many companies have a specific brand colour/shade which identifies them to their customers. Big, well known brands have colours that are so associated with the brand, that many of the population would recognise the brand without even seeing the logo or the brand name.

Some good examples of this are Coca Cola, who have a recognisable shade of red which is Pantone 2347C.

and Cadbury’s who have a purple shade which is 2685C.

From these examples, you can see how important it is to get the exact colour when producing product packaging, graphics, signage, promotional materials and uniform, so that customers can immediately identify it with the trusted brand that they know.

Impact Trading and Cotton Roots are able to help customers with clothing/uniform to exactly match their brand colours, either by matching the Pantone closely to a stock colour garment or making bespoke clothing out of fabric which is dyed to an exact Pantone colour.
We can also Pantone match webbing, print designs, buttons and thread which means that embellishments, fastenings and logos can also be matched exactly to the brand colours.

We have hundreds of shades of stock coloured clothing to choose from. These products are ready made and for smaller runs of less than 250 pieces, this is a great, cost effective way of distinguishing your brand. It also reduces your lead times, with most orders despatched in two weeks.

For more information about Pantone matched clothing visit our website or call us on 01908 511051