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Customised Printed Apron.

An excellent way for you to stand out from the crowd and promote your brand is with our customised printed apron. You can create a strong, unique and vibrant look with an all-over print. Our team can help you to produce the perfect apron that will develop a sense of unity amongst your employees.

Stunning vibrancy of print.

A customised printed apron is the perfect solution for creating an apron with a large, detailed image. Your apron literally becomes a customised piece of artwork. There is no limit to the size or the number of colours in your logo or image. The results are stunning and far beyond anything that we can achieve with a traditional screen print.

Embed your logo as part of the image.

The beauty of this process is the flexibility to add your logo into the image, rather than having to add it afterwards at an extra cost.

It all starts with a high-resolution image.

Your artwork is reproduced using a library of hundreds of colours into a high-quality photographic image with excellent colour consistency. We achieve this by using reactive inks that have an excellent wash and rub fastness for durability.


We carefully source all our fabric and use high-quality durable 300 gsm half Panama cotton. Ideal for aprons, this fabric quality comes in both regular and 100% organic cotton, for a more sustainable product.

Fast turnaround

Once the artwork has been agreed and you are happy with the print proof, the printing process is fast and very efficient. A pre-production sample is produced for you to review the completed design.

Low minimums.

The minimum for a customised printed apron is 32. The technology allows us to produce short print runs. We print out each apron as an entire pattern piece and cut it out by hand.


Adjustments are easy. We review the all aspects of the design, adjust them accordingly and re-print the apron.

Carry the design through to other customised products.

Once you are happy with your customised printed apron, we are able to reproduce the same design on to tea towels, oven gloves, tote bags, cushions and even washbags. All these products will make perfect customised gifts.

If you would like to discuss a future order with one of our team please click the link.

Design Your Brand’s Signature With Aprons Made to Order

Are you in search of the perfect apron design that aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity? Then look no further – at Impact Trading, we specialise in crafting bespoke aprons made to order which are tailored to your unique specifications and brand requirements. Our customisation options extend across various design elements, allowing you to create aprons that truly stand out.

Fabric Choices

From organically constructed cotton twill and Fairtrade cotton to denim, polyester/cotton twill, and even coated fabric, we offer a diverse range of high-quality materials to suit your preferences.

Pocket Configuration

Choose not only the number of pockets but also their strategic placement, ensuring functionality and convenience for your specific work environment.

Size Customisation

Tailor the apron’s dimensions to your liking, adjusting both length and width for the perfect fit.

Fastening Options

Personalise your aprons further with a choice of fastenings, including metal or plastic options, buckles, d-rings or Velcro closures.

Tie Details

Select the tie length, colour, fabric and even leather to add the finishing touch to your branded aprons.

Colour Choices

We understand the importance of colour in brand representation, so we offer over 100 different stock fabric colours. Provide us with your colour preferences using references such as Pantone colours, colour samples or item examples, and we’ll precisely match them. For those seeking a truly exclusive colour match, we offer Pantone dyeing for aprons, which ensures a seamless integration with your brand’s colour palette.

Our ability to match paint colour charts, CMYK references or even paintwork colours underscore our commitment to delivering a customised branding solution. We request a minimum apron order of just 50 items so we can cater to businesses of all sizes. Take inspiration from our past projects, such as supplying aprons to the Handmade Bakery, where we precisely dyed their aprons to match their Farrow and Ball painted walls. You will receive a sample of the fabric for you to approve before we proceed with the entire order, ensuring satisfaction with the colour match.

Aprons Made in Britain

At Impact Trading, we pride ourselves on manufacturing aprons entirely in Britain and offer transparency in our supply chain. Whether you opt for our ‘Panama’ canvas or choose a polyester/cotton twill fabric option, we guarantee quality and authenticity in every apron. If you are concerned with ethical sourcing, our Fairtrade and organic cotton aprons are created with a commitment to traceability, supporting cotton farmers and upholding the highest standards of ethical certification.

Choose Impact Trading to transform your brand’s identity with aprons made to order that reflect your unique style and values. Please note that our delivery timeline is between 8-9 weeks so we can guarantee that you will receive an individually crafted product that meets and exceeds your expectations. Please contact us today to explore the multiple possibilities of creating aprons uniquely designed for your business.