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Premier Aprons

Premier workwear is an established company who have been supplying to trade suppliers for many years.  One of their key products is aprons, they have a huge range of styles, colours, and ethical certifications. 

Our customers

Although we manufacturer and supply bespoke made to order aprons, some of our customers choose stock options because it fits in with their deadline, budget or requirements.  These are quite often premier aprons as they have a range that caters for many requirements.


Premier aprons have several styles which have ethical credentials such as Fairtrade, organic or recycled. This is an area that we specialise in, particularly on our other site Cotton Roots.


If you are looking for something that is more of a premium look, premier aprons have a selection that may suit the style you need such as an artisan, industrial or bistro.


One of the big advantages of premier aprons is their huge colour range. They have over 60 colours accross all their styles which makes it perfect for someone who needs a small quantity or has a short lead time but needs a Pantone matched colour. 

Apron specialists

If you need to source aprons for your business, we can help you with stock and bespoke options. We supply restaurants, outside caterers, street food chains, hotels, food brands, nurseries and many other business’s . We can help you find the best style and colour for your branding. Contact the design team today on 01908 290482

Leather Straps on Aprons


We are often asked for artisan style aprons and one feature that is always of interest is the straps. Customers who are looking for something unique and special often love leather, as it’s a great way of adding quality.

The main stumbling block with leather is it cannot easily be cleaned.  You can’t put the leather straps in a washing machine with the aprons, so we wanted to find a way for the straps to be easily removed for laundering.

The flexibility to remove the straps means that they become interchangeable.  As well as solving the laundering issue, it means that you change the look of the apron depending on which straps are attached.

The easiest way to achieve this flexibility is to attach the straps though metal eyelets, using heavy duty metal snap fasteners. At the point where the eyelets and straps are attached, an extra piece of fabric is sewn to reinforce the corner for extra strength. These can also be made into a feature with contrast stitching or fabric. The most popular choice of eyelet and popper is Antique Brass or Nickel.  Buckles can also easily be matched.

When cared for correctly, leather can last much longer than fabric and so this method means that one leather strap can be used for several aprons, therefore making it very economical.

A good intermediate design is to combine leather and webbing. The leather is used for the most visible part of the strap, that attaches to the apron. The webbing is attached to leather to make tying the straps easy and flexible, without the need for buckles. This option can also be less expensive.

Leather and Webbing Straps

We carefully source the best leather, that is both soft to wear against the skin, easy to adjust but very durable. Different colours can be sourced, we certainly don’t have to stick to the traditional browns and blacks.

Our customers love their bespoke aprons with leather straps and frequently return for repeat orders.

Fairtrade Fortnight 2019

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 25th Feb -10th March 2019

Fairtrade fortnight is run for two weeks each year when campaigners, businesses, schools and groups show their support for the farmers and workers who grow our food, crops and manufacture our clothes in developing countries, people who live in some of the poorest countries in the world and who are often exploited and badly paid.

At Impact Trading and Cotton Roots we supply many businesses and groups with Fairtrade Organic clothing and have a wide range of colours in t shirtspolossweatshirts, hoodies as well as children’s clothing

We also supply beautiful heavyweight Fairtrade, Organic cotton Aprons

All of these products can be printed and embroidered with your branding or supplied plain.

For more information please visit:

Bespoke WRAP certified polo shirt manufacture

Great news! Our  company Impact Trading have won a good order from the marketing agency Brand Communications. This is to supply a large number of bespoke, made to order polo shirts , designed especially for their client.  Because we are manufacturing for Brand we can’t let you know who the garments are for – shhhhh it’s confidential.

However we are working with a supplier in Pakistan and we are pleased to say that even though we have had  to work to a tight price we have been able to supply WRAP certified garments.  We were delighted.  Not only that the factory is a gold rated WRAP factory.

WRAP certification means that the factory manufacturing the garments meets twelve basic criteria, in relation to employment rights.  So it’s emphasis is upon the manufacturing stage rather that starting at the cotton producer stage which fairtrade excels in.  WRAP certification is growing more prevalent, it is a huge improvement and shows that the publicity and campaigning is starting to reap rewards.

Our top passion here at Cotton Roots is to supply Fairtrade certified clothing, but WRAP is big step in the right direction. We are so pleased that Brand Communications chose us to trust us, once again, with the manufacture and that ethical improved sourcing is part of the package.

WRAP certification information can be found on our certification page here,

which includes links to the WRAP website for further information.