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Add a Splash of Colour

Larger companies and organisations often come to us looking for sets of work wear that match but can be altered slightly to represent different departments or teams within the organisation. 

One of the options we can offer, are garments which are the same style and design but come in a range of colours. 

If a customer is looking for a more subtle difference then we can provide clothing which has the option of coloured accessories, such as zip pulls, hoodie draw cords and buttons. This is a subtle change which can make a garment easily customised, fit in with branding colours and define different sections within an organisation.

Interchangeable Zip Pulls

For more information visit impacttrading.co.uk

Bubble Bros Style

Last year we were lucky enough to provide uniform for a company call the Bubble Bros.  Ben and Joe started their venture in 2015 when they converted a 3 wheeled Piaggio into a Prosecco van which you can hire for events.

From there on they have expanded by adding more vintage vehicles to the fleet.  The Impact Trading team just loved the style of the logo and branding of this company, not to mention the thought of Prosecco!

The jackets the Bubble Bros chose are traditional utilitarian style welding jackets. This style of jacket was around the 1920’s -1950’s in engineering industries such as the railway and steel industries. These jackets are a perfect fit for the Bubble Bros vintage style and we all agree they look absolutely brilliant in them.

The Bubble Bros showing off their new jackets!

To buy a bubble brother’s jacket from their website just click here