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Blasting the Company Horn


Company HORN

Here we are again. Another busy week.  We have lots of orders coming through and I am really pleased with how our Fairtrade company is doing. 

When things go well we have a “company horn”.  It is an old brass antique horn and if someone in the company has something to celebrate then they honk the horn!  This week it got honked twice.  

The first time Karen and Ros finished embroidering around 1000 fleece jackets. Whew! A real time for celebration and a good old honking of the horn.   

Ros and Karen honking!

The second time was was Ros received her Fire Marshall certificate.  Ros had been on a workshop to learn all about fires, how to stop them happening, how to put them out, and how to get everyone out of the building.  Everyone who has been on the course finds it very interesting.  So we are looking forward to Ros teaching us all she knows.

I am looking forward to the next time someone wants to “honk our horn!”

Lisa in the Vialene Bags

This is Lisa – our sales manager.  You can see she is a very serious person and grabs any opportunity to sit down and mess about!

We have been saving the waste vialene, (the stuff we use behind the embroidery to hold the fabric firmly) especially for a local charity – close to the heart of Milton Keynes people.  Willen Hospice does wonderful work and is very highly thought of.  We were really pleased when we found that our vialene can be reused for cloth manufacture and the proceeds go to the hospice.  We need a good home for all the polybags we now collect.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Karen and Ros have been diligently saving  the Vialene and now here is Lisa taking the opportunity for a sit down in comfort!  Ahhhhh…..

Lisa in the Vialene Bags