The Changes in Company Uniform

There has been a drastic change in company uniform over the last 10 years, this change sped up in 2020 when Covid struck.  Office staff in particular noticed a significant change, as many of them spent some, or all of their time working from home.  There was no need to dress smart for the office and as long as your top half was acceptable for meetings, you could get away with joggers or even pyjamas on your bottom half.   

As we know, many people continued to work full or part time from home after the lock down lifted, and so this became the new normal. 

Going Into Work

Woman with long hair wearing a polo shirt in navy as company uniform
Casual Company Uniform

For those who continued to go into work, company uniform has also become more casual.   This is due to trends in fashion, comfort for workers and the cost of supplying uniform, especially as there is a much higher turnover in staff in many businesses in recent years.

Over the last few years, we have seen a change from dress shirts to polo shirts. Blazers to soft shells or hoodies. Suit trousers to chinos or jeans.  Ties and scarfs have almost disappeared, and many hospitality businesses are just supplying aprons as uniform, which is worn over the staff’s normal clothing.

Making Your Clothing Look Like Company Uniform

Because uniform has become so much more casual, businesses often choose to have it branded so it can be distinguished from non-work clothing.  This is a simple and cost effective way to provide a company uniform.

Company Uniform of the Future

As time moves forward we predict that uniform will continue to move towards a more casual look and practicality and comfort will be key. It may become more like merchandise and be used as a form of marketing through fashion trends.

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Aprons as Uniform

We have noticed that aprons have become uniform for so much more than just hospitality businesses.

Lots of customers who order aprons from us are from other industries such as homeware shops, flour mills, museums, nurseries, and potters.

Aprons have become an easy way to give staff a uniform and brand identity because it’s one item of clothing and one size fits all.  An apron can be made completely bespoke to match a Pantone colour as well as to fit a brand design. 

Examples of customers

Homesense are a well known high street chain, part of the TK Maxx brand. We have supplied them with bespoke aprons for their staff for many years HOMESENSE

Shipton Mill supplies flour and so much more, anything you need to baking including aprons and couche cloths supplied by us  SHIPTON MILL

Organic cotton apron with Shipton Mill embroidered on the front
Organic cotton apron

The Waterside Inn is a 3 star Michelin Restaurant opened by Michele Roux.  It gained it first star in 1974 and is the only restaurant in the work outside France to have retained 3 stars since 1985.  Michel’s son Alain has been running the restaurant since 2002, we have been supplying their bespoke aprons and cookery school bags for many years  WATERSIDE INN

The Voung V&A came to us after seeing some aprons we had made for Pasta Evangelists for their restaurant in Harrods, they loved what they saw and wanted the same. YOUNG V&A

Valvona and Crolla are an incredible delicatessen, restaurant, bar, wine merchant and outside caterers in Edinburgh established in 1934.  We supply them with bespoke aprons made here in the UK  VALVONA AND CROLLA

A few years ago we worked with the fabulous coffee bean shop to develop and make aprons, tote bags and Christmas stockings.  You can see them and even buy them here. COFFEE BEAN SHOP

Why do companies brand uniform?

There are many reasons why businesses and organisations brand uniform and clothing, some are practical, and some are for design purposes. Often businesses do it for a more than one reason, both practical and design.

Ownership of clothing

By branding uniform, you are making sure that it is clearly labelled as being owned by the business.  It’s much less likely that it will be used by the employee for anything other than work. It also identifies the clothing as an asset of the business.  Clothing is often tax tabbed for this reason.

Labels for Jones Bootmakers
Tax Tabs for Branding


Adding brand logos to uniform and Pantone matching clothing can help to strengthen a band’s exposure and make it more memorable to customers.


Branded uniform can give staff a sense of identity with each other and also for customers. You can clearly identify a sales assistant in a store if they are wearing a uniform.  If a trades person arrives at your door and they branded uniform on, it reassures you that they are from the company you are expecting.

Ways to brand uniform

There are many ways to brand uniform, you can have a full bespoke item which is dyed to match your exact Pantone colour.  You can scale it right back with a tax tab label sewn on for a discreet look or you can add print and embroidery with a logo and tag line.

Uniforms particularly in the hospitality sector have become part of the whole hotel or restaurant design.  For example, if the style of the restaurant is industrial, with lots of wood and metal.  The clothing may reflect that with denim, or leather fabrics.  The branding may be a logo in the design of a branding stamp, again to reflect industry.  It helps to make the whole experience immersive for the customer.

The Benefits of a Customised Apron

A customised apron serves as a distinctive and practical choice for your business, highlighting your brand and your team while providing comfort and functionality. At Impact Trading, we offer an extensive range of styles and fabrics to cater to the unique needs of hospitality and various other industries.

The Advantages of a Customised Apron

The key advantage of using a customised apron for your business is branding and professionalism. Customised aprons serve as a walking advertisement for your brand, as they can feature your company logo, colours or specific designs. They can also create a professional and cohesive image for your company as they promote a polished and professional image and standardise the appearance of your staff.

Employee Morale and Identity

Providing customised aprons for your team fosters a sense of belonging and unity among employees, and it can also instil a shared identity and pride in representing the company. In terms of employee morale, wearing a customised apron can make employees feel valued and appreciated, and it adds a personal touch to the workwear, contributing to overall job satisfaction.

Promotional Opportunities

Customised aprons can be used as promotional items during special events or trade shows. This can attract attention, engage potential customers and create a positive association with your brand. You could also use a customised apron for special occasions or seasonal events.

Functional Design and Comfort

Customisation allows you to design aprons that cater to specific job requirements. Whether it’s extra pockets for tools or adjustable straps for comfort, tailored designs enhance functionality. This also benefits your employees as aprons made from comfortable and breathable materials ensure that your employees can work with ease, contributing to overall job satisfaction and productivity.

Customised Aprons at Impact Trading

At Impact Trading, we understand that one size does not fit all. Choose from our selection of beautifully crafted apron styles tailored to meet the specific demands of your profession. Whether it’s the classic bib apron, the functional half apron or the sophisticated bistro apron, each style is designed to offer both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Selecting the right fabric is crucial for comfort and durability, so you can opt for 60-degree wash fabric, polyester/cotton blends, 100% cotton for a soft touch or denim for a rugged, authentic look. For those with a commitment to sustainability, there is also an option for organic and Fairtrade-certified aprons, showcasing our dedication to ethical manufacturing.

Bespoke Aprons

At Impact Trading, we go above and beyond by offering made-to-order aprons, ensuring that each piece meets the unique requirements of your business. The diverse range of fabrics includes half Panama, bull denim, denim, organic denim, recycled coffee sacks, coated cotton and Pantone-dyed half Panama aprons. We can also dye all our aprons in the UK to your specific Pantone colour, and each apron, regardless of the chosen fabric or style, is superbly stitched and finished at our UK factory.

We feel that the benefits of customised aprons extend beyond design and aesthetics. They can also play a pivotal role in shaping your business’s brand identity, enhancing employee morale and creating a positive impression on customers. Our commitment to excellence, ethical practices and unmatched customisation options makes our aprons an indispensable choice for businesses looking to elevate their professional image.

How to create an apron with a logo and promote your brand.

The service we provide.

One of our most popular products is our apron with a logo. We take great pride in supplying top-quality, branded aprons. We understand that as well as being practical your apron with a logo needs to perfectly reflect your brand image. A well-designed apron can be the perfect walking advertisement for your company. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to produce an apron that will look great, feel comfortable, be easy to care for and create a sense of unity with your staff.

Our stock range of aprons with a logo

 We have a wide range of aprons available in our stock range and the beauty of this route is the quick turnaround. The whole process can take two weeks from placing your order to delivery.

We can supply colourful polyester cotton twill aprons that are robust and retain their colour after multiple washes, right through to 100% Fairtrade and Organic for a sustainable apron that looks great and is kind to the environment.

Our bespoke apron service.

Our design team are ready and waiting to work with you on something more unique. The fabric is our starting point. We work closely with our mills to select the right fabric for your brief. We will send you swatches to approve along with any other details such as eyelets and metal neck adjusters. Once you are happy, the next stage will be to produce an initial sample. The sample stage is very important. It is an opportunity to see the design, review all the details and make any amendments.

Customising your apron

Adding your logo is the final touch. It serves as a visual representation of your brand and can leave a lasting impression on your customers. We have a talented team of embroiderers and printers who will advise on the best method to achieve an image that stands out and conveys quality and professionalism. Whether it is embroidery or print, the details create a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about a future order, please click this link.

Customised Printed Apron.

An excellent way for you to stand out from the crowd and promote your brand is with our customised printed apron. You can create a strong, unique and vibrant look with an all-over print. Our team can help you to produce the perfect apron that will develop a sense of unity amongst your employees.

Stunning vibrancy of print.

A customised printed apron is the perfect solution for creating an apron with a large, detailed image. Your apron literally becomes a customised piece of artwork. There is no limit to the size or the number of colours in your logo or image. The results are stunning and far beyond anything that we can achieve with a traditional screen print.

Embed your logo as part of the image.

The beauty of this process is the flexibility to add your logo into the image, rather than having to add it afterwards at an extra cost.

It all starts with a high-resolution image.

Your artwork is reproduced using a library of hundreds of colours into a high-quality photographic image with excellent colour consistency. We achieve this by using reactive inks that have an excellent wash and rub fastness for durability.


We carefully source all our fabric and use high-quality durable 300 gsm half Panama cotton. Ideal for aprons, this fabric quality comes in both regular and 100% organic cotton, for a more sustainable product.

Fast turnaround

Once the artwork has been agreed and you are happy with the print proof, the printing process is fast and very efficient. A pre-production sample is produced for you to review the completed design.

Low minimums.

The minimum for a customised printed apron is 32. The technology allows us to produce short print runs. We print out each apron as an entire pattern piece and cut it out by hand.


Adjustments are easy. We review the all aspects of the design, adjust them accordingly and re-print the apron.

Carry the design through to other customised products.

Once you are happy with your customised printed apron, we are able to reproduce the same design on to tea towels, oven gloves, tote bags, cushions and even washbags. All these products will make perfect customised gifts.

If you would like to discuss a future order with one of our team please click the link.

Design Your Brand’s Signature With Aprons Made to Order

Are you in search of the perfect apron design that aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity? Then look no further – at Impact Trading, we specialise in crafting bespoke aprons made to order which are tailored to your unique specifications and brand requirements. Our customisation options extend across various design elements, allowing you to create aprons that truly stand out.

Fabric Choices

From organically constructed cotton twill and Fairtrade cotton to denim, polyester/cotton twill, and even coated fabric, we offer a diverse range of high-quality materials to suit your preferences.

Pocket Configuration

Choose not only the number of pockets but also their strategic placement, ensuring functionality and convenience for your specific work environment.

Size Customisation

Tailor the apron’s dimensions to your liking, adjusting both length and width for the perfect fit.

Fastening Options

Personalise your aprons further with a choice of fastenings, including metal or plastic options, buckles, d-rings or Velcro closures.

Tie Details

Select the tie length, colour, fabric and even leather to add the finishing touch to your branded aprons.

Colour Choices

We understand the importance of colour in brand representation, so we offer over 100 different stock fabric colours. Provide us with your colour preferences using references such as Pantone colours, colour samples or item examples, and we’ll precisely match them. For those seeking a truly exclusive colour match, we offer Pantone dyeing for aprons, which ensures a seamless integration with your brand’s colour palette.

Our ability to match paint colour charts, CMYK references or even paintwork colours underscore our commitment to delivering a customised branding solution. We request a minimum apron order of just 50 items so we can cater to businesses of all sizes. Take inspiration from our past projects, such as supplying aprons to the Handmade Bakery, where we precisely dyed their aprons to match their Farrow and Ball painted walls. You will receive a sample of the fabric for you to approve before we proceed with the entire order, ensuring satisfaction with the colour match.

Aprons Made in Britain

At Impact Trading, we pride ourselves on manufacturing aprons entirely in Britain and offer transparency in our supply chain. Whether you opt for our ‘Panama’ canvas or choose a polyester/cotton twill fabric option, we guarantee quality and authenticity in every apron. If you are concerned with ethical sourcing, our Fairtrade and organic cotton aprons are created with a commitment to traceability, supporting cotton farmers and upholding the highest standards of ethical certification.

Choose Impact Trading to transform your brand’s identity with aprons made to order that reflect your unique style and values. Please note that our delivery timeline is between 8-9 weeks so we can guarantee that you will receive an individually crafted product that meets and exceeds your expectations. Please contact us today to explore the multiple possibilities of creating aprons uniquely designed for your business.

Premier Aprons

Premier workwear is an established company who have been supplying to trade suppliers for many years.  One of their key products is aprons, they have a huge range of styles, colours, and ethical certifications. 

Our customers

Although we manufacturer and supply bespoke made to order aprons, some of our customers choose stock options because it fits in with their deadline, budget or requirements.  These are quite often premier aprons as they have a range that caters for many requirements.


Premier aprons have several styles which have ethical credentials such as Fairtrade, organic or recycled. This is an area that we specialise in, particularly on our other site Cotton Roots.


If you are looking for something that is more of a premium look, premier aprons have a selection that may suit the style you need such as an artisan, industrial or bistro.


One of the big advantages of premier aprons is their huge colour range. They have over 60 colours accross all their styles which makes it perfect for someone who needs a small quantity or has a short lead time but needs a Pantone matched colour. 

Apron specialists

If you need to source aprons for your business, we can help you with stock and bespoke options. We supply restaurants, outside caterers, street food chains, hotels, food brands, nurseries and many other business’s . We can help you find the best style and colour for your branding. Contact the design team today on 01908 290482

Customised half apron with pockets

The most effective way to combine brand identity with practicality is a half apron with pockets. We specialise in providing quality products that perform perfectly in the working environment.

A wide range of styles on offer

Our specialist team can advise on the best style for you. We have a wide range of colours available that can be matched to your brands Pantone colour. A good quality half apron is the perfect canvas for communicating your company’s values, culture and professionalism. An apron that looks good, is comfortable and practical to wear will boost staff morale.

Polyester cotton fabrics for durability and colourfastness

We offer more than one type of fabric. The most popular choice for a hardwearing, colour fast half apron with pockets is polyester cotton twill. This fabric is specifically designed for retaining excellent appearance through repeated washing and wearing.

Cotton canvas and denim

For a more natural and rustic looking half apron with pockets, we offer a great range of cotton canvas and denim aprons. All our cottons are hardwearing and can be washed at 40 degrees and are perfectly suitable for the workplace. These aprons are perfect for creating a more robust and textured look. A very popular choice for promoting a lifestyle brand.

Fairtrade and Organic

For an ethical half apron with pockets, we have a range of options, all made with 100% Fairtrade and Organic fabric. We can provide you with a fantastic uniform solution which is also kind to the environment. Our latest product in this range is the combi apron, that can be worn as a bib apron and half apron. An incredibly versatile and stylish apron with excellent sustainable credentials.

Fast turnaround and low minimums

We can provide you with your customised half apron with pockets within two weeks of your order. You will receive a sample of your embroidery or a print proof to approve before we process your order. We are committed to great customer service.

Our commitment to your brand values

Our commitment to quality, ethical sourcing and customisation ensures that you receive a half apron with pockets that truly reflects your brand values.

If you would like to speak to us about a future order please click this link.