Eden Project and natural dyes

Ros & Jenny coffee and tea dyed aprons

We are excited!  The Eden Project has decided to place an order for our aprons. Some dyed with tea and some dyed with coffee. When I visited India Sian and I spent some time visiting Aura Textiles where Sonal, Arun, Mukul and Nishith looked after us so well and proudly showed us their factory. The garments they make for us are dyed organically using plants and herbs to make beautiful, long lasting colours. I was so keen to try and develop this idea in the UK. The factory was fascinating, protective equipment was not needed, unlike chemical dying and the waste water can be used as fertilizer.

The Eden Project as ambassadors for the plant kingdom decided that our aprons would be perfect to add to their merchandise range.  The cotton is organic and certified Fairtrade. 

Pomegranate being used to create an orange dye

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