Blackwoood Golf Club – Groundsmen are really green!

Groundsmen wearing recycled fleece jackets

Blackwood golfclub is beautiful course in the hills of South Wales and my brother in law John, is the secretary.   We thought that this was a great opportunity for a golf club to be “really green” by their groundsmen wearing ethically soursed uniform.  The two groundsmen are a father and son team of Alan and Owain Hughes who look after the course all year round. 

We supplied them with jackets made from recycled plasic bottles and polshirts which are cerified as both organic and Fairtrade.   Here they are in the photographs wearing their new “green” uniform.

Wearing the fairtrade certified polo shirts

I enjoyed this project, I think it’s great that a golf club decided to choose ethical clothing for their uniform.  I hope more clubs follow suit……thank you Owain, Alan and  of course John.

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