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Feel Good Manufacturing

Working in a factory in a natural surrounding

Feel good manufacturing makes us happy at work.

Isn't it fun giving gifts?


It's  like the joy of finding a bargain.

Finding ways to give away waste products.

Fabric off cuts – Organic, Fairtrade and standard fabric are sorted and donated to our local scrap store.

Thread cones- are saved and  are snapped up by local school and local craftspeople.

Boot boxes - are saved and donated to small local firms for use in their distribution.

Shirt packaging  -such as tissue paper, clips, board are all saved for the scrap store.

Barnados - collects the spare clothing we accumulate over the year. Last year a van full!


Waste products from the clothing factory for donation

The day the BBC visited us.

Yes its a while ago.  But we're still very proud.  They spent the afternoon and made a short film for their Working Lunch programme.  They were particularly interested in our own brand Cotton Roots. We manufactured organic aprons dyed naturally, using coffee, tea and pomegranate.

It was exciting times.

Today we make aprons from regenerated cotton, recycled plastic, organic cotton, Fairtrade cotton.

Coming soon, aprons and bags using upcycled marine plastic made from Seaqual fibres.


Sustainable certifications for clothing

Ethical certifications for our clothing range

The clothing in our website catalogue shows which sustainable and ethical certifications each item of clothing has. This is so important to us, and to many of our customers. Charities, museums, businesses, and clubs come to us as they consider how, where, and who makes the clothing to be critical to their final choice. 


So above each item you will see any certifications which apply, and they each link to more information.

You will find more information about the main certifications and awards on our Clothing Ethical Certifications page.


Packaginf uniform in recycled Kraft paper.


Success! We have been onto a winner with this solution. Instead of packing every item of clothing in a bag we now pack them in pre used boxes and wrap them carefully in recycled brown craft paper. We estimate that now around 96% of our orders are wrapped this way.  Customers are happy, we are happy, and we help the environment.

Whenever individual packing is an absolute requirement, then we use bags which are recyclable.

Boxes – all boxes are reused, only if they are damaged beyond repair do we send them to our recycling bin.


Impact Trading


I just received my order. I love every item. The quality of the chefs jacket is amazing! All the pieces are top notch! You have been such a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be ordering more items soon.

Filam Smallridge - Small Bread Company

Very pleased with the tax tabs, look really good on the uniforms. Very good service from receiving samples to ordering the uniform and receiving the finished product. Nothing was too much trouble. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks from everyone at BMAR.

Jenny Brookes

Just thought I'd let you know the mens shirts have landed.
Thank you for your speedy turnaround, very much appreciated.

Lisa Dennison - DVLA Auction Team

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Impact Trading is an established provider of corporate clothing, work wear and uniforms. Our aim is to assist you in your choice of corporate clothing and ensure that your organisation portrays a professional image that inspires confidence in your customers.

Our corporate clothing range includes the top brands, for example Skopes, Brook Tavener and Russell Collection. This means that you can be confident that your staff will be wearing stylish but hardwearing corporate uniform that will be crease resistant, easy to iron and easy to clean.

We recognize that your brand is highly visible through the corporate clothing or corporate uniform that your staff wear. We realize how critically important it is that the first impression your customers have is a powerful and positive one. Corporate clothing and uniform needs to fit the requirements of your staff and meet the expectations of your brand.

Corporate clothing conjures up images of suits, jackets, ties, trousers and skirts. Our corporate clothing range includes all of the above and more. Our coordinated range means that you can mix and match to suit the different shapes and sizes of your people. They will feel comfortable, confident and at ease.

Corporate uniform or corporate workwear can also include polo shirts, knit wear, shirts, blouses and t-shirts. Our range is exclusively good quality and will not let us, or you down.

The branding of your garments with your company or organisations logo is part of our expertise. Only top quality thread for the embroidery of your logo, or quality water based inks for your printed design is used. This means that your branding remains crisp, bright and new.

Whether it’s workwear for a factory, corporate uniform, or corporate clothing for an office - you can trust us with your image.


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