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About Us

Paul Truman

I am copywriter and a beach bum who lives in north devon. Find out more @paultruemman74


Michael Moran

I am an author, journalist and Archers fan, who can just about work Photoshop. Find out more @TheMichaelMoran


Susan Waters

I am the Director of Cotton Roots and fiesty about the need for fairness, equality and kindness in the world.  I was aproached by Paul and Michael to organise Fairtrade, Fairwear T shirts and Tea Towels printed with their "Free the Blossom Hill One" campaign design.  

My closest friend Liz Devaney used to run Taunton Women's Refuge before she sadly died from ovarian cancer at the age of 51 a few years ago.  Liz would have been thrilled that The Archers storyline has resulted in so much discussion, excited that they was more understanding, and proud of me for pitching in to use my expertise.  She opended the refuge often late at night, ushered in women with their children, organised their safety, shook buckets, ran half marathons, and battled to keep the refuge going.

Liz a beautiful soul, managing the refuge - this effort is from me to you and the the women who need support today.

I and my team have agreed to print and supply The Helen Archer Rescue Fund merchandise at cost; our company will not profit so you can be confident that Refuge will benefit as much as possible.

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